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At Tenby Tea and Coffee Company, top quality coffee and tea  is what we’re all about- pure and simple. No fuss, no frills, just freshly roasted coffee and tea at affordable prices.

Our love for doing what we do has come from helping people to serve delicious coffee and tea. Our mission is to make quality coffee and tea leaves available to everyone.

  • Tenby Coffee and Tea
    Tenby Coffee and Tea
    Freshly roasted coffee in Pembrokeshire and tea leaves from around the world.
  • Coffee Beans and Blends
    Coffee Beans and Blends
    Blending coffee is a fine art that marries coffee beans from different origins. We choose coffees that complement each other when blending.
  • 24/7 fast delivery
    24/7 fast delivery
    All your coffee and your tea delivered to your door. Can be found in outlets across Pembrokeshire.
  • Coffee & Tea Supplier
    Coffee & Tea Supplier
    We roast a wide selection of beans from some of the world's finest coffee growing countries.

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Tenby Tea & Coffee Company is also a wholesale coffee and tea retailer that specialises in wholesale coffee beans, coffee blends and tea. We are truly passionate about speciality coffee beans and tea leaves. Are you a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel? Please get in touch.

Our happy customers



Take it Easy - we managed to get our hands on some of this whilst on a golfing stopover at Tenby links. Brought it back to sunny Penarth for the weekend hosting friends. It’s a rich yet smooth blend ideally suited to our lazy Sunday brunch. Our next order has already gone in!

Claire, Julie & Dicky

Best coffee in the Tenby Harbour!

Freya Knibb
Absolutely LOVE it! Deliciously smooth, rich coffee!! Great to enjoy with friends or simply for those 5 minutes of morning peace!
Steven Rashford
Service was excellent and the coffee is really tasty and creamy.

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