Appreciate the Best Views with a Brew in Pembrokeshire

Whether you’re a local or visiting Pembrokeshire we bet your bottom dollar you haven’t been to all the best view spots in the county. After all, there are so many to choose from! So, we thought we would inform you of where a few of our favourite views are, so you too can appreciate them with an excellent cup of tea or coffee in hand. Of course, we c ...


Around the World in FIVE Coffees

Coffee traditions in different countries have been sculpted and refined by social, geographical and historical influences and it makes (we think) for a fascinating subject. However, it does mean if you’re not informed of a nation’s coffee of choice or the customs which accompany it, you could make a faux pas when ordering abroad. So, we hope we wil ...


The Lowdown on Tea Leaves

There is something sophisticated about drinking tea made using whole or loose leaves and while the humble teabag serves its purpose in making a convenient and satisfying beverage, the flavours and aromas released when using unrestricted tea leaves creates a whole new tasting experience. Before we explore which type of leaves you might want to try ne ...


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